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The story of our family’s relationship with food is long and complex. For most of our lives, food was for either gaining weight or losing weight – depending on what we ate. A few years ago, that changed as we started to realize food could make us sick or help us heal – depending on what we ate. This was an important discovery since among the four of us, we were dealing with MS, Crohn’s Disease, migraines, and other mysterious symptoms.

Jayne discovered the connection between food sensitivities and inflammation several years ago while researching alternative treatment approaches for MS. After being tested for food allergies and sensitivities in June 2012, she discovered she was sensitive to nearly fifty foods, which meant she had to overhaul her diet. Around the same time, Eli, Sheri’s husband heard about the Paleo Diet at the gym and decided to try it. He lost weight, but he was also surprised by how good he felt. Jayne’s efforts to use diet to quell her MS made sense, but Eli’s “food restrictions” and “Paleo fad” didn’t, and some of us tried to sabotage his efforts with pizza and ice cream.

A year later, after resisting numerous suggestions to modify her diet to address her Crohn’s, Sheri did a Whole30 and most of her Crohn’s symptoms vanished. Just around the same time, Alison’s oldest child was having some GI symptoms, so she tried shifting him to a Paleo diet, and she started eating the same way in solidarity. Then her migraines went away. Meanwhile Emily was in a committed long-term relationship with pasta and was the last hold-out. But months later, when she started having Crohn’s symptoms, she didn’t hesitate to go gluten-free to avoid the unpleasantness of a GI workup. No surprise, her symptoms vanished.

We are a family of Jewish foodies. We keep Kosher and observe the Jewish Holidays. Bread was an integral and ritual part of our diet and our culture. We baked challah for Shabbat each week. We loved bagels with cream cheese. But ultimately, we chose wellness over bagels, and we haven’t looked back.

We also haven’t stopped cooking. Unfortunately, “Kosher and Paleo” is not a winning combination for dining out. So until someone opens a Kosher Paleo restaurant (preferably in Boston), if you’re looking for us, we’ll be in the kitchen.

This is a family project. We are in different life stages, as we range in age from 21 to 60, and we all have slightly different approaches to how we eat. But that means variety — lots of variety. And it just reinforces what we already believe – there’s no “perfect” way to eat right.

We’re excited to share our recipes with you. You can expect lots of gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo-friendly dishes, and everything will be Kosher. So no bacon, and no steaks cooked in ghee — though if you don’t keep Kosher, feel free to add bacon and ghee. And shellfish, if you want, assuming it would taste good. We wouldn’t know. Most of these recipes are also great for Passover, since we basically eat like it’s Passover year-round. Minus the matzah.

So whether you’re a Paleo pro, you’re just getting started, or you’re not ready to give up your bagels just yet, you’re welcome here. We hope you’ll make something delicious.

Want to get in touch? Ping us at unbageled <at> gmail dot com.